3rd Rail is a London based screen printing studio that works closely with clients and collaborators to produce high grade clothing ranges and artwork editions. With our team of multi-talented creatives and an ever expanding arsenal of printing techniques, we aim to blur the boundaries of garment customisation. While a rock solid approach to image replication is our bread and butter, we try to offer a more informed experience for the designer.

Whether translating the ups and downs of cotton and polyester blends, fine tuning the cut of a custom sleeve or layering up multi colour art prints, the aim is always to render the artwork as best as possible, and sometimes that means attempting the “impossible”.

Our reputation has grown through association with many awesome fledgeling labels and artists, with their big imaginations enticing us into new screen print territory.

3rd Rail Presents is our vehicle for creative output. By forming alliances with leading contemporary illustrators, designers and artists as well as others with equally powerful skills, from brewers to skaters, drummers to writers, we will focus our skills and engage with the creative nucleus of London; serving up exhibitions, limited edition clothing, exclusive posters, workshops and whatever else feels right.

Its been a very busy few years, but we’re just getting started! 

– 3rd Rail MMXIV

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