3rd Rail Presents: The People’s Park Tavern

PPTThe People’s Park Tavern is a pub we’ll often drop in on, whenever in the area. There’s a fantastic selection of beers, including their own which is brewed on site. After looking into craft breweries to collaborate with for Artist Beer Visions, they were the perfect fit.

“As a pub with a love of beer and a love of design we were extremely keen to be involved in ABV, especially when we saw the calibre of artists involved”. PPT Manager Rob Quirk.

We showed them the blueprints for the show and were answered with the promise of a limited edition exhibition beer! On top of that, their brewmaster will be closing the show with a taste and talk event. There’ll be brews to sample and wisdom to savour, an excellent way to wrap things up.

So once again let us remind you, if you like beer, if you like art, if you like lovely screen prints, Artist Beer Visions awaits your presence. 71A Gallery – 9th October.


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