5 Minutes With Telegramme

5 Minutes With Telegramme

Telegramme is award winning duo Bobby and Kate. Built on a love of paper goods their website stocks all kinds of unique illustrated gifts. Their print for The Great Guillermo is up for grabs in our latest competition. To enter please click here: Good luck!

How would you describe your style?

A modern take on vintage commercial art and graphic illustration with large helpings of Americana filtered through archaic print processes.

Which Guillermo Del Toro film have you decided to base your book cover design on and why?

Crimson Peak – its really enjoyable to take on something new that people haven’t seen reworked before – it lets the artwork stand alone and a have merit on its own without a huge amount of preconception to it. From the first trailer and shots I saw of the film, visually it was stunning and the house as a character was the perfect starting point to work from.

How much of the film did you watch before getting a clear idea of how you were going to approach this illustration?

Unfortunately not a huge amount – I poured over every cut of a trailer / additional shots & features that I could trying to absorb the essence of the film. I think book covers and posters are not always about spelling out the plot but trying present the audience with a feel and atmosohere of the setting and story and that is what i have aimed for with my piece.

How different was your design process knowing that the final image was going to be interpreted as a screen print?

I worked in the same way we always do. Having a background in screen printing and a large body of our work being screen printed, posters we were right at home!

Is this the first time you’ve made work in response to a film?

We have worked on other film posters and licensed reinterpretations before including the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis. Its always such a fun challenge to reinterpret another persons vision, while adding your own take on it. We work on a lot of book covers and its very much the same kind of brief although often with a few more visual cues.

Which 3 tools could you not live without?

A damn fine cup of coffee to start my day.

As uncool/ unexciting as it is: Our computers really are the workhorses behind our day to day work.

Studio music to wake the brain up, keep us motivated and finally relax to.

Telegramme screen print for The Great Guillermo
Printing process – the Telegramme screen print being created here at the 3rd Rail studio.
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