5 Minutes With Laurene Boglio

5 Minutes With Laurene Boglio

Graphic designer and illustrator Laurene Boglio is perhaps best known for her quirky and monochromatic Gifs. We spoke to her about how she decided to interpret one of Guillermo del Toro’s films.

How would you describe your style?

Whimsical, ironic, a little quirky, using restricted colours.

Which Guillermo Del Toro film have you decided to base your book cover design on and why?

Mimic. In keeping with the spirit of the film and the world of GDT I referred to mystical book covers and looked at lots of ancient religious icons.

How much of the film did you watch before getting a clear idea of how you were going to approach this illustration?

I’d say about half – the point at which the theme of genetic modification entered into the story is when I knew.

How different was your design process knowing that the final image was going to be interpreted as a screen print?

I work mostly with just one or two colours so it felt quite natural for that very primal screen printing process.

Is this the first time you’ve made work in response to a film?

As one of the main designers of Little White Lies I do this quite a bit. 

Which 3 tools could you not live without?

0.5mm Muji pen, 0.38mm Muji pen and a computer. 

Laurene Boglio Mimic Screen Print Close Up
A couple of close ups of Laurene Boglio’s image and the printing process.


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