Devils Breath – Dan Mumford

Here’s a sneak peek of Dan’s beer label design for our upcoming exhibition, Artist Beer Visions


Devils Breath – Stout – 6.6%

‘A dark pitch black Stout, from the depths of Norway. Almost sickly sweet with a burning aftertaste, it glistens like tar with an excessively thick consistency.

Originally consumed during ritualistic ceremonies in the forests of Norway, it slowly made its way from the small communes hidden far away into the larger villages on the outskirts of the many uncharted forests. Once it bled its way into the villagers desires, there was never a way to keep The Devils Breath flowing, and many fell victim to their violent tendencies, it left a trail of destruction in its wake. Some say the vile liquid was cursed, and it was simply the form that an unspoken evil had taken as it ripped its way through the country.

To this day The Devils Breath is still consumed in large quantities throughout the country, yet it has never truly made its way to the wider world. Those that came across it outside of its native home have almost certainly met a fate worse than death. The Devils Breath is for those that truly wish to stare the beast straight in his pitch black eyes.’

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