Alec Doherty Snoggers

Pick Me Up Q&A Series: Alec Doherty

Alec’s work is predominantly typographic and character based in style. He’s probably best known for designing the beer labels for Partizan Brewing but he’s also created work for Red Bull Academy, the New York Times and Wired Magazine. ‘Snoggers’ the 6 colour screen print he developed with us for Pick Me Up is based on a wooden sculpture of the same name and we decided to catch up with him to find out a little more about his style and process.

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3rd Rail x Malarko

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with street artist Malarko for the second in a series of print collaborations. Conceived to showcase the most innovative in-house screen and garment printing techniques we want the limited edition t-shirt boxes to deliver unique and beautifully made art products released on a quarterly basis. This ongoing project will encourage participating artists to reimagine the humble t-shirt and screen print for a final interpretation that’s sure to be completely original every time. Initially gaining notoriety by adorning shop shutters with his vividly colourful and jazzy characters Malarko’s body of work now encompasses a whole range of media and has been commissioned by the likes of Adidas and the V&A to name a few so we’re pretty chuffed to have him on board.

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The Great Guillermo Closes Its Doors

Huge thanks to everyone who made it down to The Great Guillermo over the weekend. We were so overwhelmed by the turnout and support for the show and really hope you enjoyed the work on display. We had a blast screen printing everything and it was great to collaborate with a publication as innovative and well respected as Little White Lies.

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Luke Drozd Illustration for The Great Guillermo

5 Minutes With Luke Drozd

Luke Drozd started his illustrating career by designing gig posters, 10 years on his work encompasses everything from art prints to sculptures and he’s even turned his own living room into a an exhibition space as part of 38b. His screen print for The Great Guillermo is based on the film Cronos.

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Lola Beltran Screen Print for The Great Guillermo

5 Minutes With Lola Beltrán

Finding a balance between delicate line work and bold, striking imagery is a a difficult thing to achieve however it’s something that Spanish born Lola Beltrán has mastered. She talked to us about her screen printing background, love for classic Hollywood cinema and the illustration she created for The Great Guillermo.

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Muti Hellboy screenprint for The Great Guillermo

5 Minutes With MUTI

Cape Town based Studio MUTI who got their name from the traditional Zulu word for Medicine are one of the 9 artists exhibiting at The Great Guillermo. We chatted to them about their process, movies and the medication they need as designers to get them through the day.

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Sam Dunn Ilustration for The Great Guillermo

5 Minutes with Sam Dunn

We caught up with Sam Dunn, a London based illustrator and one half of the most badass cycling duo in town Little Wheels to find out more about her contribution to The Great Guillermo exhibition ahead of opening night on 16th October.

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