The Flayed Bandit – DaggersForTeeth

Here’s a sneak peek of DaggersForTeeth’s beer label design for our upcoming exhibition, Artist Beer Visions


The Flayed Bandit – Black IPA – 6%

“A strong, Dark age “Black IPA” characterised by its deep burgundy color and coppery finish.

First brewed in the dark ages by a hidden order of cultists in england after the fall of the Roman Empire. Believing that the plague of crime and accompanying drought afflicting the countryside could be absolved by consuming the sins of the roaming bands of criminals. In an extrapolated version of a sin-eating ritual the criminals would be subject to unmeasurable torture to extract just enough liquid to brew a thick red ale that would be consumed on the summer solstice night by all of the townspeople, children included.

the ritual was so successful that eventually every bandit in the area had either fled or bled, thus leaving the ritual redundant and the bottles of Ale limited. this is Batch: 38 and dates to around the 11th Century”


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