Hop & Barley Publication


Earlier this year, we worked with Hop and Barley to create some T-shirts, as one of the rewards for their successful Kickstarter campaign, which lead to the publication of their first Bimonthly magazine. The magazine showcases a number of articles surrounding the UK’s brewing scene as a narrative from passionate brewers and drinkers alike.

The magazine is incredibly slick, with a clean layout and beautiful photography. The stories cover all corners of the country, but the article that we particularly like, is on Partizan Brewing, which happens to be based just around the corner from us in Bermondsey, London. The spread includes pictures of each of the bottles, which are colourfully decorated with the Modernist style artwork of Alec Doherty who has given a bold visual identity to each of the brews. We found the honest reviews refreshing and there is an insightful opinion that sometimes the concepts don’t necessarily relate to the final product. It would be interesting to know how far the graphics can alter the drinker’s opinion on the taste.

You can subscribe to Hop and Barley or order their first volume online now, on their website:

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