Q & A with Ollie Munden



Do you remember your first sip of beer?

hmmmm no i don’t think i do – sadly!
Do you work differently when designing for screen printing?

I think most things I do could be broken down and screenprinted without too much hassle unless I’ve gone heavy on effects which I don’t tend to do at the moment.

Are their any beer labels out there, which you particularly like?

Yeah I really like the Partizan beer labels. Also the labels for Odell Brewing Co.

What was your initial thought processes behind your fictional beer label, did you have something already visually in mind or did the concept come first?

I wanted to create something easy on the eye with a hidden hint of darkness. It was a challenge to create that ‘double take’ effect. At first you see a Mandala, then on second look you see a skull.
‘Death Brew’ of course needed a skull.

If you could drink one beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That’s a very good question – Why just one? Damn you guys! I’d have to go for HopHead. It’s really hoppy, quite filling but not heavy like a stout. It’s bloody good. It’s made by DarkStar Brewing Co – not too far from Brighton where i live.

Beer labels have a rich visual history, why do you think art and beer have coexisted for so long?

That’s a good question. I could easily make up some bullshit here about the connection between the two the art form of making beer and making art…
But at the end of the day I think a good eye catching label is intended to be just that, ‘eye catching’ and therefore make you buy it – hopefully.

If both the label and the beer itself taste good then you can’t really go wrong.


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