Pick Me Up Q&A Series: Alec Doherty

Pick Me Up Q&A Series: Alec Doherty

Alec’s work is predominantly typographic and character based in style. He’s probably best known for designing the beer labels for Partizan Brewing but he’s also created work for Red Bull Academy, the New York Times and Wired Magazine. ‘Snoggers’ the 6 colour screen print he developed with us for Pick Me Up is based on a wooden sculpture of the same name and we decided to catch up with him to find out a little more about his style and process.

How would you describe your style?

I guess you’d describe my style as a little bit naive with a sense of humour.

Tell us a bit about how you developed your aesthetic.

I think for most of us it’s an evolving process, you make something and trim the bits you don’t like and develop the bits you do for the next piece. I think my pieces look different from a year ago and will look different again in a years time.

Alec Doherty Snoggers
A close up of the completed screen print (left) and the original sculpture (right).
What’s your first weapon of choice when creating new work?

A pencil.

How different was the design process for your Pick Me Up print/t-shirt knowing that the final image would be interpreted as a screen print?

The ‘Snoggers’ piece was originally a sculpture I made for a show, made by layering up wood cuts. When I was building it I though of it a bit like layering up a screen print so I think it translates well in that format.

You’ve had the opportunity to work on some exciting projects, has anything made you consider a complete career change?

I feel pretty lucky to be able to call this my job but I guess if I had the gift of making mind bending music I’d do that, but I think that kind of thing is ordained by the gods. Apart from that there’s not much else I’d like to be doing right now.  

And what’s been a highlight?

Apart from being on a world tour playing incredible music to adoring fans, nar I’m pretty happy doing this.

Alec Doherty Snoggers

Snoggers – A 6 colour screen print by Alec Doherty is available from our web store now in a very limited edition of 25. Get your hands on one HERE.

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