Pick Me Up Q&A Series: Drew Millward

Pick Me Up Q&A Series: Drew Millward

Drew has been an illustrator for over 10 years and describes his work as being inspired by the ‘post industrial landscape of the north’. He started out by creating gig posters for the bands signed to his label Birdwalk and has gone on to work for clients ranging from Nike to the Arctic Monkeys. His 4 colour screen print ‘Landscape’ is available from our web store now in a very limited edition of 25, you can grab it HERE.

How would you describe your style?

A colourful and acceptably executed mess.

Tell us a bit about how you developed your aesthetic

Well, I’ve been making work for about 12 years now. In that time I’ve done very little else, so as time has progressed, so has my work. I can see changes and phases I go through, some parts of which are still evident in the work now, while other things are abandoned in favour of new ways of working.


Drew Millward Screen print
Screen printing the final colour for ‘Landscape’ – a 4 colour screen print by drew Millward.
What’s your first weapon of choice when creating new work?

Pencil and paper, or iPad and iPencil. It usually always starts with some sketches, otherwise, trying to rush to the final stages makes for troublesome progress.


How different was the design process for your Pick Me Up print/t-shirt knowing that the final image would be interpreted as a screen print?

Not different at all. I’ve always screen printed, and a vast majority of the work I make ends up in that medium, so it’s my natural process. Even when I’m making work that won’t be screen printed, I retain the same method. I guess that process is part of my aesthetic.

Drew Millward Screen print 
You’ve had the opportunity to work on some exciting projects, has anything made you consider a complete career change?

Crippling anxiety and self doubt aside, no, not really. I love doing this. I’m a grown man who gets paid to draw pictures.


And what’s been a highlight?

Too numerous to mention, really. I still get a massive kick out of working with bands that I love.

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