Tunguska Blast – Kristyna Baczynski

Here’s a sneak peek of Kristyna’s beer label design for our upcoming exhibition, Artist Beer Visions


Tunguska Blast – IPA – 7%

In 1908 a meteorite entered the northern hemisphere of the Earth’s atmosphere and exploded over the Siberian river Tunguska. It streaked an eerie blue trail across the morning sky and the shockwave caused by its impact knocked down millions of trees, radiating from its centre.

As the cosmic dust settled, a carpet of tiny green shoots was revealed growing from the the debris-strewn ground. These plants, since named Galaxy Hop, were harvested by the local people who believed them to hold mystic powers.

The Siberians’ secret recipe is still used today to produce this mysterious IPA, beloved for its bright citrus flavours and dazzling golden hue, and brewed using Tunguskan river water to produce a pale ale of unearthly distinction.

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